Who am I……

I am quircky, crazy, funny,loud,quite and most of all I love, Love..... I love to dance and listen to music... I love to climb mountains but am extremely afraid of Heights.... I love the ocean but afraid what might be in it... Motorcycles are my facination not sure if it is cause they are fast or because the way they sound...... Oh I am a big Seahawks fan.... I love the pacific NW but really can't stand the rain, I love to go camping but do not like bugs.... My life consist of my family, My children are as oposite as can be but so much alike.... My Grand baby you will find on Instagram... She is my heartstrings what they say about being a grandparent is oh so the best! My mother is my Rock she has survived raising my crazy self and still loves me HEHE...You might find me at the Roller rink or the gym... But for the record I am usually behind my camera capturing someones LOVE Story..... Would love to hear more about you and capture your Love strory!