Stylized Wedding Shoot {Wedding Photographer} {Stylized Shoot} {Scottsdale, AZ}

Wow can not believe that in November of 2014 I attended my second BLINK Conference in Arizona. What I was expecting was nothing what I actually got....The amazing Talented Latasha Haynes Of Ike & Tash Photography and Motion !!!! This was an experience that anyone who is in the Photography Business should check out! I learned so much and met so many amazing people that are now my friends. The Blink Conference is a boutique conference witch is smaller and intimate!! Having the ability to go up and just talk to many Amazing Photographers that I have admired for years and not feel like they did not want to be bothered..... having lunch with them like they have been my friend for years.... The talent that attend this conference was like WOW!!!!! We stayed at a beautiful hotel! The Valley Ho in Scottsdale Arizona is an amazing place to stay they took care of us like we were family loved it!!!! The Photographs you are about to see are from the stylized shoot that I was assigned to with Munaluchi Bridal Magazine  with Jacqueline Nwobu who was absolutely a beautiful person Inside out!!! I write this article now because I missed the last Blink2015 that was in Austin Texas.... I look at what I have become from the day I left Arizona and realize that I enjoy what I do so much that I am so ready to do what it takes to get to my next level of my Business. You can also check out all of my work at I hope you can enjoy these beautiful Wedding inspired Photographs.Stylized Wedding shoot , ArizonaIBT_0040IBT_0067IBT_0104IBT_0129IBT_0243IBT_0219IBT_0196IBT_0148IBT_0131IBT_0256IBT_0291IBT_0325IBT_0333IBT_0336IBT_0454IBT_0421IBT_0413IBT_0406IBT_0381IBT_0502IBT_0531IBT_0537IBT_0543IBT_0579IBT_0600IBT_0624IBT_0706IBT_0726IBT_0741IBT_0761IBT_0804IBT_0853IBT_0854IBT_0878IBT_0953IBT_0941IBT_0926IBT_0920IBT_0901IBT_0978IBT_9623IBT_9629IBT_9629IBT_9638IBT_9697IBT_9683IBT_9681IBT_9665IBT_9651IBT_9753IBT_9756IBT_9765IBT_9773IBT_9863IBT_9976IBT_9895