A Story of a Two year old! | Lifestyle Photographer | Kent, WA

What a journey it has been watching this little one grow over the years she was brought into this world. My love for her has brought so much joy. As you look at this post you will see the day we spent as a Birthday girls day to celebrate! Amaiya is such a lil Diva she loves to be in your space always.... Loves to dance and sing the best she can at her age..... She is an adventurous lil one for sure, she is learning everything right now and wants you to see it every moment! Amaiya turned 2 in December and here is the day and a few of the shots from her weekend of Celebrations.  

Good Morning Amaiya Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!! She was a lil over whelmed but warmed up after a bit!


We decided to head out to Puyallup to give her a day of play at the Wiggle Works!

Back home to some cake that my Best Friend made for our favorite Super Girl!!!!

On Saturday we went out to Bellevue Square to go to Build A Bear but found out it was no longer at that location so ended up at Santa!

Next Stop Tacoma Mall!!!! BUILD A BEAR!!!!! Oh my so much stuff she had fun but do not think we will go back till she is older!!!!


Thanks for coming along with us on our journey into the 2's!!!!!! Many more moments to come soon!!!!