Skagit County Tulip Fields ~ 2016-2017 Senior Stylized Community Shoot


Every month or two we as a community of Photographers get out there and shoot together, we plan a stylized shoot and I absolutely have a blast every time. Not only am I out shooting some beautiful girls, I am working among some of my favorite Photog's! Having a community of those in the same field as you is so important as you grow your business they are the ones that will lift you up and jump in when you need help, I thank Tammy Dahlquist for always having such an amazing shoot out!!! This adventure was a 2 hour drive away and arrived at the beautiful Tulip Field!!!! With the wind and the beautiful Sun oh how fun is this going to be. We had 10 Senior's 5 Photographers and 5 family members here to enjoy a couple hour's in the Tulips. We got 15 min's with 2 models at a time.....Ok lets get to shooting and oh boy what an awesome time!!! The girls did not need much instruction and just were so sweet and beautiful!!!! Hope you enjoy the shoot!!!