PhotoLush 2016 Conference!!!!


Wow it has almost been a full week since I left Photolush...... I am still so full of ideas and things I need to do to better my company!!!! Wow a huge thank you to Arron Nelson & Clinton James for putting this together for us this year.... You two are amazing... I always go to events not know what to expect but wow what a great experience definitely will be going back next year..... The speakers were amazing too, the friday night started with the amazing Tiffany Burke..... Man I met her over a year ago and have been friends since, the love and the giving of our community of Photographers is amazing!!!! On saturday we continued with our speakers and met and heard stories about never giving up and don't let go of your dream..... from the struggles and the realness of being an artist weather you are a newbe or a veteran the love was all around!!!! My love for Photography started at a young age and I will never stop shooting ever!!!! I have to say I love the community and the clients that I have that have now become friends!!! On saturday we all broke out into groups and I went with Becki Walker With a group of her Seniors, I did not shoot to much but got some shots. I was more wanting to see how she interacted with her teens and how she stylized them. I had a lot of fun..... I will be showing you the work from this weekend!!! Thank you Becki for allowing us to watch you in action and answer any of our questions.

Love Beauty

Elizabeth Marie Makeup


Thank you again to the PhotoLush 2016 Crew for the fun times and many great memories!!!!


Thank you for coming over and looking at the blog!!!!