My Why.... PNW Photographer

My why, Is my heart..... Have you ever wondered why one does what they do..... I never started my business to make money quick or just to shoot! I grew up in a family that lived buy the moment of the camera.... capturing all of our memories was my grandparents must. Every holiday every gathering the cameras were out.... if not on a tripod in ones hand. I learned at a young age that those memories are memories to cherish. I absolutely love what I do, and to share that with my clients brings me joy. When you hear of a person Jumping into there dreams or taking that chance its because we love what we do so much its all we want to do.  As many of the working world most are 9-5'rs and absolutely love what they do..... When owning a small business we count on our friends, family and local business help spread the word. Over this last year after I jump I realized there is more to this business then just that... Being involved with your communities is so important in growing your business. I have been to so many meetings and met so many wonderful people along the way that encourage me in many ways. I say that to tell you if you are wanting to fill your dreams with what it is that you LOVE well do it but know that it is not over night that it will take time and energy but never let anything stop you.... I am a small business owner that is here to help my community grow in ways you never thought imaginable. Do what you love and be who you are to your fullest..... Never give up even when you feel like you should! Keep pushing forward to your dream!!!