Megan & Craig Get Married!!!!! Winter Wonderland Style! {Washington Wedding Photographer}


In January I was blessed with capturing this Beautiful Bride and Grooms big day!!!!! Megan is one of the most Beautiful, funny,exciting brides I have captured. She had informed me at our meeting she wasn't the girl that is a girly girl but loved the out doors.... Her and Craig go jeeping and when I mean Jeeping I mean out in the mud flipping over! I later learned that they race the jeeps too. I loved everything about these two... Knowing she was having a winterland style wedding I was so excited because I had never captured a Love Story In the Snow! The journey started early on a saturday morning picked up my second shooter Samantha and headed to the mountains!!!! Oh my what the views we saw just beautiful the closer we got the more snow we saw!! We arrived and had a blast the Lodge is just so cute and you felt like you were welcomed with open arms. I loved that Megan and her Bridal party helped with all the decorations!  The Venue was beautiful and the view was even more beautiful!!! It was cold but oh it was so much fun!!! Congratulations again to Megan and Craig Stafford!!! Thank you for having me capture a True Love Story!!!  

Venue: Mineral Lake lodge

Hair and Makeup:  Kamyriah Padgett



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