Jordan & Makena Wedding day


I was blessed to be able to Second shoot for this beautiful couple! What an amazing day it was the weather stayed nice and just a few sprinkles, to see the love these two have for one another was just a blessing. Jordan & Makena have known each other for some time they dated before but went there separate ways and God brought them back together and there Love has never been so strong! Watching the two and being able to spend ample amount of time with both brought tears to my eyes to see such a beautiful Love story. We were able to capture most of the shots before the ceremony due to an accident on the freeway that cause most of the guest to be late. We enjoyed time listening to the story's and laughing with the Bride and Groom. Thankful I was able to be a big part of Jordan & Makena's wedding day Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to tag along and help the day go by smoothly! Love working with you! Main Shooter:Jennifer Mitchell Liebe Photography

Venue: Red Barn Studios


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