I Jumped!!! My Journey to Tiffany Rude Photography! {Kent,WA Photographer}




Hey everyone, as most of you know I worked my last day in the corporate world back in January. This has been something I have tried to do so many times just never did. Due to anybody's much needed income to survive! I have worked for somebody else since I was 15years old. I was raised by my Mother and with all of our family working in the corporate world this is what we do! This last few years working for Target has been a very stressful time! Working Retail can wear on you for sure! Coming down to stress and health issues trying to run my business and work the day job I just was not succeeding the way I wanted to! So with a lot of prayer and plenty of hard thought, I made the Jump!  It has been hard and challenging but I am loving it! I am able to be there for my family when needed and I am back to my late nights and sleeping in a little!

With a wonderful community of fellow Photogs my journey has been a lil easier, I have many of friends that are here to help me succeed and progress in my Business! This is a learning year for me and everyday is a new day! I am excited to see what my future holds and how my business is growing! My daily schedule is not the same everyday but that is okay because I am doing what I absolutely LOVE!!! Making memories and telling stories thru my eyes that may land on your walls or your coffee tables!

I would like to say to my Mother my biggest fan that has my back in any situation


Please continue to watch my journey to life as a Photographer!!!

Much Love

Tiffany Rude