Why hire a professional for your Headshot's


Why is it so important to have a professional Headshot portrait, If you are a business owner you know that brand is one of the best ways of showing your clients who you are and what you stand for. The first impression is your face, so having a fresh Headshot to put on your website and all your social media is the best way to bring your clients in. They will take you more serious and will consider hiring you or buying your product. In the any industry the social media sites are more adept to be looked at and browsed through to see if you hold the potential look they are looking for in their company. Having yourself with a fresh Headshot is so important, a selfie or snap shot form your phone will not cut it any more. So many ways of seeing who you are and how you can be seen comes from social media like Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, twitter, or your website. You are the face of your business, shine and show who you are. There are many different types of a headshot, you do not always have to have a serious face you can show who you are as a person for instance my profile pictures is of me with a goofy smile while I hold my camera. Because I a goofy and funky I like my clients to see I am fun to be around. You can have a full body shot as well with maybe your product or if you are a photographer like me your camera or lens. The possibilities are endless by choosing a location to having a outfit that matches your style.  Lets say you are looking for a job in the corporate field and your profile on your linkedin is of you being goofy, well that is not giving the company what they are looking for because they want a professional working for them, not that you are not professional just that being goofy will not get you in the door. For an employer they are looking at your social media sites as well be sure that you are only posting what you want your client or possible new employer to see it can cost you a job or a potential client! Always be sure you are looking your best so you can be your best!