Bullied to Butterfly Campaign Tatyianna


Back In April I had the opportunity to be a part of Bullied to Butterfly, what a beautiful way to help our youth. Bulling, Happening in our children's lives is happing everyday in our schools and in a cyber world. I have seen this happen within my own home with my own children and it is hard, we have to continue to fight and help the ones that need us. Let's continue to build our children up and give them the knowledge they need to help others that are going through this in their lives. Tatyianna Shares her story thru the eyes of my lens. I will attach the video at the end of the Blog too. With Tatyianna having dreams of modeling one day, Bullied to Butterfly offered her a chance to become a model for a day!!!

New Shine Org is a Non Profit that Maurcrei has put her heart and soul into building a community for women and those in business.  I have been a part of this Organization for over 2 yrs and love every part of it! I have grown and learned from all involved.

"Northwest Entrepreneurial Women shine as the new breed of hard working business women setting the tone for the future! "N.E.W. Shine, Shared Success"- Organization of women helping women in an effort to support business endeavors."

We as a community Must step up and Step out to help our Youth overcome what comes with Bulling and speak up on this very serious issue that is in our schools and out on our social media sites. Please educate your children on the dangers that are involved in Cyber Bulling. Let's as a Community and as my family calls it OUR VILLAGE talk about it and do our best as the Village to attack it head on!! Bulling must be stopped!

Coordinator: Maurcrei Thibodeaux

New Shine Org http://www.newshine.org


Photographer: Tiffany Rude Photography

Video: JoAnne Lee of  JSLee Studios

HMU: Desha Timmerman

Fashion Culsultant: Alison Becker Tharaldson

Mother: Dimitra Duran

Aunt and stylist: Ashley McCarver

Model Consultant: Frevona Mazique





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